A legal advice in the purchase of a property, from the making or revision of the private purchase contract, control of your property’s paperwork...

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 After Sales

Water and electricity contracts, change of bearer in the water and electricity contracts, local taxes control and its change of bearer...

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 Your Company

All necessary legal services for its creation, as well as fiscal, accounting and labor. Filing of taxes, registration in the Social Security...

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 Real Estate

Estate agent services as a mediator when purchasing and selling properties, direct from the constructor, second hand...

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Silvia Jiménez


Legal & Juridical department. Degree in law and collegiate in the Association of Orihuela and in the College of A.P.I. of  Alicante.

Francisco Nuñez

Business Administration

Tax department and accounting department, accounting of individuals and companies.

Gurli Jakobsen


Administrative department, management and processing, translation and customer service.

Anna Petrushkina


External contributor, procedures and  formalities, translator and customer support.